PM Expo: Your Leading Edge in Property Management

Positioning and optimizing existing buildings as smart, green, and more sustainable creates competitive assets to attract tenants, while at the same time providing the opportunity for large scale operational savings. Yet teams also need to be equipped with the right information and techniques to implement change within their assets. The New Buildings Institute’s study on occupant engagement (JLL) found that “Even LEED certified buildings can fail in performance – sometimes not even meeting code baselines for energy – if the occupant is not engaged in building performance”. As the largest exposition, networking and education event of its kind in North America, PM Expo will give you unprecedented exposure to the latest in design, innovation, products, management strategies, technology, and best practices from around the world in the most efficient way possible.

Staying up to date with the latest industry innovations is crucial to your success and growth – but time consuming, and often expensive. Time is valuable, and we know that. PM Expo was created to offer a solution.

Held only once a year, this 3 day event (December 2-4th, 2015), features 5 targeted shows – Construct CanadaPM ExpoHomeBuilder & RenovatorWorld of Concrete Pavilion and IIDEXCanadaWith 1,600 exhibitors from 14 countries, 500 speakers, and 350 seminars, it’s no wonder that the show exceeds 30,000 attendees annually.

A combination of live demonstrations, continuing education credits (OAA, BOMA, OBEC, CEU), roundtables and networking events, PM Expo will highlight cost saving strategies that you can put into effect the moment you leave the show. By attending the 2015 show, you will have the confidence that you and your team will have the most up to date information from leading international experts.

This is the ideal opportunity to stay current with training to improve your abilities in management, negotiation, learn about the latest legislation, regulations, and gain valuable skills to maximize returns and savings in the year ahead. These professional training workshops will fulfill your CEC requirements, while offering a chance to network with top leaders in the industry.

Why People Keep Coming Back Year over Year

Every year we ask our attendees why they keep coming back to the show. The number one reason every year is the same – 85% of respondents say they come to see what’s new. They know that PM Expo is the number one event in North America, perfectly timed for past year review, and new year planning.

The number two reason for attending is networking. This is the best place in North America to exchange ideas, find solutions to common problems, and gain valuable contacts. Leaking roofs? Electricity fails? Elevators down again? Learning how others have dealt with these kinds of common issues will allow you to react faster, and with more information the next time these headaches crop up.

The third reason is skills training. What makes PM Expo especially valuable is the additional features we offer. Seminars on everything from technical problems, professional development, product education, technological innovations, market updates, issue solving, property management techniques, and more. The insight gained from these seminars will offer guidance in the year ahead and strategies to stay competitive in an ever changing market place. By attending PM Expo and the associated seminars, these insights will make a significant impact on your year ahead.

2015 Focus On Increased Competitiveness And Reduced Operating Costs

It is widely known that new buildings have many potential advantages for tenants – more light, better air quality, and lower operating costs. These efficiencies are attractive to potential tenants and owners alike as they feature lower operating costs, and at the same time allow landlords to ask for higher rents. This offers a significant return to the landlord, and benefit to the tenant. So how can older buildings compete? Upgrades, improvements, modernization strategies, and high performance products will ensure a leading position with attractively competitive rents. PM Expo is focused on key business elements with seminars and exhibitors who are targeted towards improving your bottom line, while keeping existing assets competitive against new supply.

As there is significant attention to new office buildings entering key Canadian markets, it should be noted that the bulk of assets remain older and prime for repositioning. As an example, there is some 174 million SF of office space available on the Toronto market. As a result, the opportunities in repositioning buildings continue to be abundant. In addition since construction only accounts for 25% of the building life cycle costs, this leaves 75% in the operations and occupancy sectors; offering a huge opportunity to reduce costs by leveraging value-adding upgrades, and budget saving efficiencies. Join your peers and attend PM Expo in 2015 to decrease operating costs, and increase desirability by learning and implementing the newest green strategies in technology, operations and management.

Global Problems Looking For Local Solutions

Effective property management is a global issue, and internationally teams are looking for the best way forward. “The area where customers would like to see the most improvement is property management service, for which less than one in five rated their satisfaction as good or excellent.” – Report from British Council of Offices – Building Performance: Rethinking the Relationship Between Owners, Managers and Occupiers. By attending PM Expo, you and your team will be able to both leverage best in class examples, and create lasting relationships to enhance your business.

Why Now, And What Is The Opportunity?

Some ask us “Why should I focus on this now?” We like to return the question by asking why you wouldn’t – and by not attending, what would you have left on the table? For instance, the Empire State Building is a prime example on the value of retrofitting existing assets. They have been leading the way with their remarkable energy efficiency achievements. The 2009 retrofit to reduce energy costs and increase value resulted in saving $2.4 million in the first year, and $2.3 million the second. Further retrofits are expected to increase savings to $4.4 million a year, with an annual 38% decrease in energy use ( Not only does this decrease building costs, but as Bruce Lindsay, CEO of the Clinton Foundation says: “As one of the world’s most recognizable buildings, the Empire State Building’s retrofit serves as a model, and proves that retrofitting existing buildings is the best way for a city to become environmentally, and economically, sustainable”. The exhibitors at PM Expo are optimally positioned to demonstrate how to take advantage of these best practice technologies and strategies, while fitting into budgets. Ian Campbell, VP of Global Energy and WorkPlace Solutions confirms, saying: “the success from the Empire State Building retrofit project further demonstrates that thoughtfully applied energy-efficiency investments can deliver unparalleled returns through a combination of lower energy, lower operation costs, and increase building valuation.” (

Sustainability will continue to be a hot topic in the media, and among tenants for good reason. Buildings account for a staggering 40% use of the world’s materials and energy. In Canada alone, buildings account for 35% of our greenhouse gas emissions, 33% of our energy consumption, 50% of our resources, 12% of our non-industrial water use, and 25% of our landfill waste (JLL). In U.S. commercial buildings, electricity alone can account for up to 79% of the energy usage. With energy costs going up, and projected to increase by another 24% and plug and play loads by 49% in 2030, this is one many areas that can be maneuvered into a more effective position (U.S Department of Energy).

While offering many opportunities for older assets, the newest technologies and strategies benefit new builds performance as well with 75% of the costs in an assets life cycle coming from post-build management, maintenance and upkeep.

See You, Your Team, And Your Peers in 2015!

PM Expo is targeted towards property, building, and facility managers, engineers, operators, owners, and anyone with an interest in improving their building performance. This is the perfect opportunity to find new vendors and solutions that will save you money before next year’s budget is spent. Look back on the past year, and assess what could have been done differently. Find solutions to issues before they happen, while networking with industry leaders who can help take your business to the next level, while adding value and cost savings. Success in the year ahead will be bolstered by this value packed and ever-changing event of training, information, and networking.

Interest(s): Property Date: November 16, 2015